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ASL Improv Featuring Crom, MrShineyhead, Wink and maybe even special guests!

Come enjoy the overly sized eyebrows of Crom, the blinding light of Mr. Shineyhead, and a specially accommodating stage for the petite Wink. These performers will kick off the night with fun ASL improv games and could include you!

Rated ASL-13 and Voice interpreters provided, so bring your friends that don’t sign. Don’t worry we won’t tell them that they are terrible friends for not learning ASL… We’ll just let them come to their own realization of that… which is way more enjoyable to watch…

— “I laughed so hard my beret fell on William Stokoe’s lap!” ~ Laurent Clerc
— “He truly hit a grand slam with this one” ~ “Dummy” Hoy
— “Pizza!” ~ Keith Wann
— “I’ve seen people suck before, but that was the suckiest piece of suck that ever sucked!” ~ Alexander Graham Bell




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