Storyteller and Comedian, Educator of Visual Languages, Cultures, Advocate

* Patrick was selected for 2018 ASLHS Literature Featured Poet by ASL Honor Society *

Patrick Fischer (also known as MrShineyhead) shares his passion to provide services to those who want to learn.

He enjoys sharing his most-popular humorous comedy and visual stories of Deaf Dog in the Park and Top 20 Errors ASL Students Make; making everyone laugh and inspire visual languages.

His amazing work has been seen across the nation and internationally.

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Patrick 'MrShineyhead' Fischer, CDI, DLM, ASLTA Master

Co-owner of the firm, Expert Business Support, Inc.
Patrick Fischer is from several generations of fine artists and actors from Europe and has extensive experience in all things related to theatre and art. Patrick has been involved in a variety of artistic positions (artist, performer, director, producer, teacher, Director of Artistic Sign Language, and consultant) as well as participation in a variety of performances (storytelling, poetry, master of ceremony, skits, and comedy) internationally.

Patrick launched his business in 2005 as a way to provide services to those who want to learn more about theatre through deaf eyes. When not “working” in theatre he taught American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf studies, currently is a certified ASLTA Master instructor, and a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI). He has taught under the Sign Language Studies Program and Sign Language Interpretation Program in Portland, Oregon. Also, Patrick is a Deaf Language Model in Anchorage, Alaska. Patrick has his Graphic Design degree, and he is also an awarded professional artist and co-owner of the firm, Expert Business Support, Inc.

In July 2013 Patrick was awarded the Stephen M Ryan Teacher of the Year for outstanding contributions to the understanding of deaf culture and humor in deaf studies presented by American Sign Language Teachers Association in Charlotte, North Carolina.

More awards:

One Show Silver Pencil Award for Advertising Design in New York City – 1998

Finalist in the Cannes Lions 45th International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France – 1998

The City of Portland, selected as its official t-shirt design in Portland, Oregon – 1995

National Association of the Deaf Convention, selected as its t-shirt design, program books, and advertisements – 1996

Finalist in the Fine Arts Exhibition Solo Work at Beaverton, Oregon – 1995

One of top 14 actors/actresses from international to receive a scholarship and involved in Professional Acting for Actors, DeafWest Theatre – 2001

One of top 15 actors/actresses from the nationwide to receive a scholarship and involved in Actor’s Academy, National Theater of the Deaf – 2002

Two Silver Medals for annual High School Art Show, Spokane, Washington – 1987

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